Ce’na was born a slave on Ryloth. She never knew what happened to her father. At an early age, she was separated from her sister, Tivva, and mother, and sold to a series of minor crime lords, including one called “Three Eyes”. When the legendary pirate of the Syndicate Wars, Nok Drayen, destroyed the holdings of Three Eyes, Ce’na, along with the other slaves, was given a choice. They could be free and find their own path in the galaxy or join Nok Drayen in his many exploits, Ce’na deciding upon the latter. She became a pirate and traveled through much of the known galaxy.

During her time with Drayen, Ce’na, now calling herself Vette, learned several tricks to get in and out of places she wasn’t supposed to. She even befriended Drayen’s daughter, Risha, and they became as close as sisters.

Years later, Drayen mysteriously and suddenly released all his people from service. Vette was left on Nar Shaddaa where she gathered other young, idealistic Twi’leks, including Taunt, Plasmajack, and Flash, and used her criminal skills to rob and ruin those who would exploit Ryloth’s cultural artifacts and people, starting with the Duros Cada Bliss. She also worked as a hired assassin.

Biographical information
Homeworld Nar Shaddaa
Born 3664 BBY, Ryloth
Physical description
Species Twi’lek (Rutian)
Gender Female
Hair color None
Eye color Green
Skin color Blue
Chronological and political information
Era(s) Old Republic era
  • Nok Drayen’s criminal empire(formerly)
  • Resurgent Sith Empire

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