When I started making colorless lekkus wanted makeup it but then was not as easy as expected, the color is not easily applied, was not homogeneous and was falling in some areas. Maybe I was too clumsy in that topic!
So I started to dye the latex with the color as close as I could to the makeup over my skin and the result was satisfactory! It is much easier to apply makeup to match color and most of the times nor necessary. If it falls in some areas, below is a color so similar that eye not notes.
You can also get a very close lekku two tones (your makeup on his forehead and the rest color latex)

It is why I want to offer people the product that I resulted satisfactory

Also the name of a color varies greatly from one person to another. For example, purple, light purple, lilac, violet, lavender. All are in the same range but all are different, but everyone calls it in their own way
That’s why I’ve collected some colors and have put “names” for reference use.

These some colors that I have experience (make sometimes the same) and/or recognized makeup.
(You can use these reference or send an image or images of what you want)

Variation colors for light and screen (you can see some photos of the same lekku and ear cones, and in some color variates a lot, is the light). Being handmade item may vary from one to another

Lethan Red

For Darth Talon, and other siths.
Makeups recognized: Mehron RED, Ben Nye Red ML-05,
Reel Creations Red 2

Slave Green

For Oola, and others.
Makeup recognized: Moe Hunt suggested: AQUACOLOR 55 ML 511 by Kryolan

Tyrian Lavender

For Light Rachi Sitra, and others.
Makeup used: GRIMAS LILAC 602

Rutian Aqua

A variation of Xiaan Amersu, and others.
Makeup used: Mix of GRIMAS 402 and white 001

Tukian Turquoise

Another option for Xiaan Amersu and others.
Makeup recognized: unknown for now

Rebel Pistachio

Color for Hera Syndulla.

Rebel Olive Oil

Color for Hera Syndulla.
Makeup recognized: unknown for now

Rutian Baby Blue

For Eleena Daru, usable for Aayla Secura
Makeup used: GRIMAS blue 303 mixed with white 001

Crystallite White

Off-white, looks white to the eye and cameras but I can’t promise a ultra-white
Makeup recognized: Any white makeup

Fiel Grey

Oficial color for Boba Fett.
Makeup recognized: unknown for now

Tyrian Pink

A light pink – lilac
Makeup recognized: unknown for now

Why you do not have a color to Aayla Secura?

I’ve done so many different colors for Aayla that still can not show a recommendation, and I would like to do so in the near future.

See more of color and makeup in Tutorials