1. Be very clear about your objectives:
    • want to make this cosplay/costume only for fun?
      Then just do as you like šŸ™‚ and forget about this section.
    • for the legion501 approval?
    • bodypaint only for approval and after use bodysuit?
    • no want bodypainting? Forget the approval šŸ™
    • bodypaint a lot of times?
  2. Look very closely at the Darth Talon CRL (Costume reference Library).
  3. Look the reference images carefully, can help you understand the CRL.
  4. Remember: only the images of the comics are a valid reference. Statues, merchandising and drawings of artists are not valid and can disorient you.
  5. Remember: the bikini top is leather armor, not metal armor.
  6. Visit Flag Ship Eclipse (aka FSE) forum daily.
  7. Explore and read FSE forum.
  8. If you do not obtain the results in a material, do not give up, seek and try another.
  10. Think positively that it is possible (more likely) you’ll have to bodypaint you more than once to get the approval.
  11. In year 2012 the local recruiter only send the pictures to the central in USA for global recruiters and FSE experts see the photographs and give the approval or say things to change.
    It is very likely that your local recruiter can not help you with your questions.
  12. Ask politely to the global recruiters if you can send pictures of your finished costume before total bodypaint to give it a “components approval” or make changes before bodypaint. Probably you can find them in FSE forum