Latex Youth Montral


  • Processing time: 8 – 12 weeks
  • BLUE MARKINGS NO INCLUDED, ask for price
  • Approx. weight: 0,5 Kg.-0,7 Kg.
  • Custom color (off-white for default)
  • Accessories showed in photo not included
  • Can add strikes, spots, tattoos, etc., sold separately
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Product Description

  • Perfect for Ahsoka Tano Clone Wars season 7 from Clone Wars and other characters
  • BLUE MARKINGS NO INCLUDED, ask for price
  • Latex Prosthetic (unsuitable for allergic)
  • Handmade
  • Custom color OFF-WHITE BY DEFAULT
  • Make your personalized Togruta asking other colors
  • Filling (stuffed)
  • Lightweight and resilient (resistant)
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Flexible
 Measure is approx., can use a lace and normal rule.Measure your head
Meassure your head
  • Approx. length:  X cm. top to tip
  • Approx. width:  X cm width
  • Approx. weight: X Kg.
Designed for heads of approx. 53 cm. – 58 cm. I think can be used for all adults head without problem.
No tested in childrens
Use prosthetic glue and trim the excess in forehead and sides

How to put togruta headpiece

 Latex Montral  +  Latex Triangular jewels

These photos was using the Tiny montral

Better if you not yet painted your face (saw that it is better to put it before painting the face orange).

Served with plenty of stuffing, remove filling by hand and try until you feel comfortable with it on you head. If you need more filler by having a very small head for being a children, use anything you think can serve.

Use prosthetic glue, I recommend Pros-aide, when dries is transparent.

Be sure to place it in the correct posture and right, or the front lekkus collide against your shoulders and show wrinkles (is elastic).

If you want to use in your child and don’t want to use glue, feel free to use it as a helmet, but it will not be as well adjusted.

Glue the triangular jewels correctly, central jewel is above the central mound, where your hair line would start.
Glue or put your Padawan braid (under the central jewel) (sorry for the “no canon” padawan braid, we had in a rush).
Glue the six triangular jewels.

Paint your face.

Trim the excess of forehead, at the base of the jewels (you can see in photo) .


For a look as professional as possible recommend shaving hair sideburns area and the front hairline (if you have hair in these zones) or use hair gel or a way to cover it.
You can use grease paint for your body, but no use oils over latex pieces, oils damage latex.


Headpiece and prosthetic glueing:
Model: Isha Wondertaker
Costume and makeup: Kite K. & Isha W. Cosplay
These photos was using the Tiny montral


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