Darth Talon Armor

Darth Talon Armor + Buckles


  • Custom made
  • Handmade
  • Shown in photo black/dark gunmetal-gray
  • 10 pieces in PVC foamed (2 shin-guards, 2 thighs, 2 arms, 2 biceps), each with 6 tacks, weathered, battle damage, Front buckle and Back buckle
  • + Velcro back
  • + 24 strips of PVC foamed painted and thermoformed (ornamental, you need to attach the armor with velcro or elastic to your gloves and boots)
  • All finished, you only need adjust the rigid back strips to your body and attach it the supplied velcro.


Product Description

I want you understand that this job has many hours, hence its price despite being PVC. Do not try to take advantage of anyone, we provide this service because some people do not have time in his life and prefers to pay for it, or because they have no space at home to do these jobs, or feel unable to create for themselves.

These are the measures
of the final armor pieces
Is handmade, could have a variation of a few millimeters.


  • The length of:
    1) arm (from wrist to below the elbow)
    2) bicep (from above the elbow to gloves end)
    3) shinguard (from shin to below the knee)
    4) thigh (from above the knee to boots end)
    5) from the hip to medium shin (for leather straps)
  • Width (perimeter) of:
    6) wrist,
    7) below the elbow,
    8) bicep (above the elbow)
    9) bicep (when glove end)
    10) thigh (when boots end)
    11) thigh (above the knee)
    12) below the knee
    13) shin
  • Height and weight (approx.)