Rianna Saren was a female Twi’lek slave escapee who became a criminal and, afterward, a Rebel Alliance heroine. Early in her life, Saren was sold into Imperial slavery to the Zabrak Zarien Kheev, only to escape on the planet Coruscant to follow a criminal path. In 0 BBY, she was contacted by the mercenary Kyle Katarn, who introduced her to the Rebellion. Saren undertook several missions for the Rebellion that included the theft of an Imperial shipment from a Black Sun warehouse on Coruscant, the destruction of an agricultural research vessel captured by Black Sun in order to test new kinds of drugs, and the destruction of the Imperial Mirkanite Mining Facility on the planet Mustafar. During these missions, Saren met an Arakyd Industriessecurity droid named Zeeo, who became her only companion. She had also discovered the whereabouts of her former slave master, Kheev, and decided to exact her revenge, but he soon captured her.

Saren was sent to the prison world of Despayre, the construction site of the first Death Star, an Imperial superweapon capable of destroying entire planets. She managed to escape from Despayre just before the Empire destroyed the planet in a test of the Death Star’s capabilities, before infiltrating the battlestation itself. Saren was present at a conversation between Kheev and Darth Vader, who was overseeing the Death Star project, during which she learned about the Death Star plans on the planet Danuta and realized that the Empire was her true enemy. Her report on Despayre’s destruction provided valuable information about the battlestation’s firepower to the Rebellion. Saren later escaped the Death Star and arrived on Danuta, where she killed Kheev and secured updated plans to the Death Star. Thanks to her actions, the Rebellion received the complete schematics of the Death Star and eventually destroyed the Imperial superweapon.

Biographical information
Born c. 22 BBY
Physical description
Species Twi’lek
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Skin color Orange
Cybernetics Prosthetic lekku
Chronological and political information
  • Rise of the Empire era
  • Rebellion era
  • Zarien Kheev (as a slave)
  • Alliance to Restore the Republic