Any skin is different so each user has a kind of makeup that works best. You need to try and try until you find yours. I recommend you first go to disguise stores and if not close, try brands like Ben Nye, Mehron, GRIMAS, Kryolan, Snazaroo.

The ultimate recomendation on alcohol based makeup is Reel Creations. I never use it but everyone talks about it. Is difficult obtain alcohol based makeup here. I just can access Skin Illustrator, later I found out it was to paint silicone masks, which do not know if I’ve been poisoning each application …. I recommend not use often, and I do not know the long-term risks. It was very clear, but I used it as the basis for Mehron. I made many tests of strength and speed, and that combination was the winner.

The final color of a makeup or skin bodypaint depends on each person and the type of product you want. I’ve only tried a few brands (Ben Nye, Mehron, Grimas) and only a few colors of each, especially the red (Darth Talon) and blue (Eleena Daru).

by Rus Kennedy
Besides that each brand has several categories of makeup and some will come to some people better than others. I can assure you no one color and specific brand for you unfortunately have to try a few until you find one that does well (I remember you that water-based and alcohol-based products are best for twi’leks)

I hope these links be useful for you:

To get a full match color, you can mix up some differents color makeup (of same brand) or put over lekku some of your makeup/paint if liquid can use sponge or brush or if it has the airbrush.
Liquid makeups are more quick and easy to apply and have lot of uniformity.

Water-based, the best by far is Ben Nye, but value for money is fine Mehron.


I love liquid water based makeups. but also usually more expensive, and maybe just paint your face and neck have enough with a cake (as GRIMAS).

Has quality and good price, take up little space, it has a variety of colors, and it is best that was in my local shop. Use gloves for mix them kneading with some moisture.

GRIMAS 402 in website

I wanted this color for mix with white and obtain light turquoise green…but… when received the makeup…

Be careful not to confuse the grease (cream) with water, the packaging is exactly the same and do not apply in the same way (well, they’re both a little moisture), but the trouble is that CAN NOT COMBINE water with grease (makes balls)
To apply GRIMAS the trick is to use a brush or sponge moistened (very little water) and do on the package as a crem that you apply. Try to pat the sponge and not dragging. You can also try to give a very fine and fast drying layer and a second layer
grimas-402-in-my-cameraGRIMAS 402 in my camera

… this photo is more near to the real color… when mix I obtained a light aqua blue… ah.. the world of colors and pigments!!


Ms Kelly Mari: I brought the ear cones to the makeup store with me and they were able to match the body paint to them.
You can use grease paint for your body, but no use oils over lekku, oils damage latex.