Ahsoka Tano headpiece Twi'lek Paradise

Audrey Loiselle

First I’ll like to say communicating and working with Twi’lek Paradise is a real wonder! Really quick replies and A+ communication, you’re always aware of what is going on. I got my headpiece a good 2 months before my deadline, and I could even get it shipped by UPS to get it faster. UPS shipping from Spain to Canada took only 3 days. 
The headpiece itself is very light and wearing it for extented period of time does not cause any discomfort or neck pain (and I am prone to neck and back pain). It’s a lot more resistant then I expected and can be bent without trouble, making carrying such a big piece a lot easier! The curve of the headtails is really great: they wrap arround your chest nicely and they look very natural.
Because of the nature of the headpiece (being very oversized) I find it easier to wear it with a baldcap. My only (small) complain would be that the headpiece tends to fall back and my hair line shows if I wear it using only a wig cap and attach it with proaides (I do have a small forehead tho, so that might explains it!) Also getting proaides in your hair is not a fun experience… So a bald cap really helps here.
*Twi’lek Paradise: Knowing that you have had problems due to lack of forehead, I promise that from now on that forehead will be longer to facilitate the use of the piece.
Painting it was time consuming, but relatively easy. I mixed the provided paint with a bit of water-based super pigmented bodypaint to get a slightly more vibrant blue. It took between 3-5 coats of the paint to get a mostly opaque finish. 
The headwrap that came with it is also a very well made piece: it’s super flexible so I had no problem adapting it to my head, and since it’s leather it can be easily washed to remove any residu prothestic glue.
I don’t have to match the bodypaint to the headpiece since Ashoka has a different body color. The bodypaint I’m currently using is a mix of orange, yellow and brown Bill Nye water-based paint. It gives a rich dark orange color. I plan on switching to alcohol based Reel Creation paint soon tho, since water-based paint tends to fade and gets on the headpiece during the day.
I will definitely be back to Twi’Lek Paradise for my future projects.


Elenya Hall

Thank you so much for your wonderful lekku.
I got so many compliments on my costume at the premiere last night!
You did a fantastic job!
I got to do an interview and a brief photoshoot because you helped make my costume a success!

Leroni & Lokrin

We are very happy with our lekkus. They are wonderful. We are absolut o.k. with everything. Shipping is ok, price is ok, and we are happy that we could order montrals now 🙂
(i also love the patches 🙂
I changed from the long one to the short one. .. when we visit events that will take more than 4 hours i use the short lekkus, because i will get headache.
Its very important to bring the lekku in a “high” position, so that the weight is more on the top of the head.
For makeup we use: eulenspiegel
Its like powder and you mix it with water. when makeup is finished i use a special spray for fixing.
the makeup is the perfect one for us. it does not fade, even if we sweat.
To remove the makeup we only have to use soap and water.
And if i comes to cloth, its no problem, after washing its gone.
We could find the right color for the blue lekkus. (but after some time the color of the lekkus changed a litte bit to yellow, but we could cover the difference with bandanas.)
The green (hera) style is a little bit more difficult. I have to mix lightgreen with yellow.
The red one is no problem, also the ivory one.
We always use mastix as prosthetic glue. We use it, so we dont have to close the bandanas too hard.
i tested some different bandanas and the most comfortable to wear are some made of elastic cloth.
At the attach you will find the picture i like most, also the patch we made.
Greetings from Vienna

Vivian Vee

Hi there! After a long time here I am again! Your tip was very useful, I folded and glued it. Problem solved. And here’s a photo. If you want to use it, my cosplay name is Vivian Vee, and here is my facebook for tags:
Thank you for your service, it was a great pleasure making business with you.

Dernwen cosplay

I bought the Daesha-style lekku in white, and have been overall quite pleased with them.
I used no prostethic glue,  becauce the headband I wore had a chinstrap that kept them well in place.
The lekku fit my head well and are comfortable to wear.
I used no extra  makeup on the lekku themselves, as they already well matched the colour of my bodypaint. I am pleased with how flexible they are and how they move.
I cannot remember the shipping time, but I think it was normal.

Moe Hunt

Kryolan Aquacolor is my go-to makeup brand! It’s super easy to apply using water and sponges. I use the Kryolan brand sponge because it absorbs and applies the makeup with ease. I find that regular makeup sponges don’t rub the makeup evenly on your skin. For the red, I used the color option 288 with a blend of 079. It matched the lekku perfectly. The black tattoos were painted on with the color option 071 with a paintbrush.
For the tattoos I searched Talon’s tattoos on a variety of statues, cosplayers, and comic book photos. I then sketched them on card paper, to my size. After drawing them out, I cut out stencils and used a paintbrush to paint on the black tattoos.
The tattoos were painted onto the lekku by mixing black paint with a white liquid latex. It was a generic latex from a store. After mixing the paint and latex, I painted on the tattoo designs. I freehanded the tattoos on the lekku.
The lekku fit my head perfectly, so I did not need to make adjustments to them. I used a headband to keep them in place. They fit comfortably and stayed in place throughout the convention.
I have ordered two different lekku from Twi’lek Paradise and they are both AMAZING. (Daesha and Ardana) I plan on buying more soon. The customer service is outstanding too. They let you know about your order and answer questions very quickly! I couldn’t recommend the lekku more and the seller is kind and informative.
Shipping was very fast! Took less than 2 weeks to receive my orders!
The first two photos are taken by Kaminksky Photography!
And the final photo is by Scorpioconceptdesigns by Santino Caceres

Albane P. Leia

Turquoise “Daesha” lekkus + earcones

make-up used : Fardel color cream – I mix some turquoise blue, light green and white. I always mix them with the earcone next to my hand to compare the colour and be as close as possible to the lekkus.

I put hydrating cream first, then the Fardel with a latex triangular sponge. When the face is done I put some basic powder (« poudre libre ») all over it so that it won’t get on the clothes etc. To finish, I use another color for the eyelids and the lips (and it looks better if I darken the eyebrows as well). Fardel color cream gets off very easily ; most of it with warm water, and when it’s more complicated I can use soap or a make-up remover. Then I put some hydrating cream again.

I tried once a Kryolan green with my Fardel blue and white, and I had the skin peeling a little for several days after. I don’t recommend the mix but I’m not sure about the origin of the skin reaction.

For the time being I don’t use any glue, I made different headbands that allow me to wear the lekkus without the glue. I prefer covering headbands, that spares me the difficulty of putting the make-up in the neck. With my headbands I can dress up and put the make-up by myself. Gloves are a brillant idea as well ; you don’t have to put make-up on your fingers and clolour everything you touch !

If I had to do a change, I think I would buy shorter lekkus to light up things a little. I’m always afraid of loosing the lekkus !!

At first I wanted to have a twilek Jedi in a sand-coloured costume. Then I found it funny to do a twilek pilot as well, mixing the blue of the lekkus and the orange of the overall, and that’s fun !

The order was quick, the shipping quite fast as well : ordered on June 19th, started on July 21st, sent on July 31st and arrived on August 8th !

The pilot 4&5 are from Ludovic Ramin, the other ones from Hypemedia
The jedi pics have been taken by fellows of the Rebel Legion French Base

Clara Tittle

I finally used my lekku with my Aayla Secura costume for the Star Wars premiere and they were a huge hit! Everybody loved them and wanted to know how they were made. Since you recently asked for feedback, here are my comments. They fit comfortably for the most part. The leather band that straps around the head and velcros in the back started to come apart by the end of the night. (Twi’lek Paradise note: We made 2 bandanas in 2014 with some goat leather, these bandanas have problems and no use these leather again, so this problem will not occur again)
I just safety pinned it together and it stayed put from then on. Very light weight and little to no discomfort from wearing all night. I wore them for a total of about seven hours. I’ve attached a picture of the costume. I used Mehron Paradise body paint in light blue to match the light blue lekku and they matched like they were made for each other. Thank you again for the wonderful costume piece! Will definitely be wearing it again for the next Star Wars event!

Michaela "Bossi" Macková

I have “Liary” style lekku with ear caps in skin color. I used them for my Hera Syndulla costume.

They were ordered at the beginning of March 2014 and they were made and shipped exceptionally quickly – withing month! I live in Czech Republic and the shipping itself took only 4 days (which is very quick – two days it travelled only through our country).

My head measurement is 56 cm and the only thing I needed was to trim the edge on my forehead a bit to shorten it. Lekkus hold perfectly by themselves. I don’t use any kind of glue or something (the fact is that I have a cap on them which helps to hold them, but when I try them as they are, they hold well).

To color the lekku I used the same bodypainting color I intended to use on my face – its water based liquid bodypainting color of brand Eulenspiegel. I wanted to be sure I will have the same color of lekkus and face, so that’s why I went for skin color (also Hera has specific lighter marks on the lekku which I needed there). To fix the color I used colourless hair spray and it holds since then (more than a year). It only rubs off at the end of lekkus, where they touch frequently with my pleather vest. I am really happy with this solution – the application was easy and color holds well on the lekkus. I also tried if it will be removable and if I will be able to re-paint them with different color and it was easilz removable by water and soup.

The quality is really good and durable. I love the flexibility and the lightness (which my friends, who have lekkus from some other makers, envy me 😉 ). I am wearing the lekkus frequently – at least once per month, since fall 2014 – and they are still in that great shape in which they came, not tearing anywhere (even at the forehead where I trimmed them), they are not worn off, not stretched, no damage at the tails where they often rub against the vest and where they are often pulled by curious children. Just perfect!

Finally I want to thank you very veeeery much for your work! Without your lekkus and the fast delivery I wouldn’t have so many wonderful experiences with the costume this past year. And hell it was some ride for me. I wouldn’t become first Hera approved in Rebel Legion, I wouldn’t be able to cooperate with local D i s n e y and attend pre-screenings of Rebels in Prague and Bucharest and mainly I wouldn’t make soooo many childrens happy to see their favourite character come alive. THANKS A LOT, KEEP UP WITH YOUR GREAT WORK and good luck with new pages!
01 – Martin “Jekkyl”Řehánek
02 – Kristýna “KaeM” Matoušková
03 – Štěpán Látal
04 – Štěpán Látal

Tiffany Jo from Soul Sisters Cosplay

I used light blue Endura airbrush body paint mixed with white Endura airbrush body paint in almost equal parts, a little more white than blue and achieved an exact match which I have received many compliments on.  I used Mehron spirit gum to the forehead and sides of face to get the lekku to lie flesh with my face. How I had the lekku resting, it was right at the edge of my hair line so that’s why I applied spirit gum there for extra assurance.  My headband did cover most of the lekku connecting to my face so there wasn’t much of a problem getting it to look “clean”.  I found that it was not necessary to glue the ear cones in any way, they stayed all day at Dragon Con resting on the lekku and underneath my headband with of course little ear cone holes 🙂 So with the spirit gum and headband they stayed on all day and I didn’t even need to “touch up”.  It does however get very steamy and warm under there since it is a material that can not breathe but it wasn’t unbearable or anything; the most uncomfortable part about my Twi’lek outfit was my boots lol.  People ask about my lekku and I tell them Twi’lek Paradise made it!  I believe it took about 2 weeks for delivery, even though when the package came, the box was in pretty bad shape which I don’t blame Twi’lek Paradise for (just the post office 🙁 ) BUT! The lekku was intact and was unharmed  🙂  Once receiving it I was asked how the shipping was and given tutorials and help on how to fit my lekku. Excellent customer service!

Photos taken by Soul Sisters Cosplay

Arzany Cosplay

I used (I hope that is the right english word..) grease paint from Kryolan and fixed it with colorless powder. I fixed the lekku with (I´m not sure about the english word) skin glue, i´ts called “mastix”. The lekku fit very well on my head, especially with the bandana, it become a good stability.

I am very happy with my lekku and would order it again from your shop!

It think the shipping to Germany was about 2-3 weeks.

With best greetings

Photos taken by


I’m from the USA, and I received my custom order right on time without any problems! I love the Lekku. They fit perfectly, and I can wear them for a long time. I used StarBlend Cake Makeup for the color on my skin. It washes off easily in the shower, but you must be careful not to touch anything that you don’t want to get colored while in costume. I decided not to use prosthetic glue, and used a tight workout headband to hold the Lekku in place. This worked really well for me.


Daphne Reeder - Drache Media Films

I got my lekku yesterday:  They’re perfect & I LOVE them! 🙂 As soon as we do the photoshoot for the promo poster, I will send you some.

Again, thank you sooo much!
I like that lekku sway when I move–I’m going to be doing a lot of action scenes, and having lekku that flow with my movements and look “natural” is perfect. I also like that you do the color. It keeps me from worrying if I’m going to mess up the look of the lekku. Fantastic idea on your part giving lenght options. 🙂
Is perfect for do something  active like filming a movie/series/etc, going to a convention for longer than 4 hours (your lekku is light, and easy to wear for longer periods), or do a cosplay where the character is seen wrapping a lek around her–like Darth Talon
Making them so flexible is one of your best advantages
I love the armor work for the Darth Talon cosplay. It’s light and easy to use, making it very comfortable! Everything fit, and I also love the battle-worn detail on it. Definitely worth it 🙂

Asuya Cosplay

I had commanded lekkus for darth Talon.
The qualitée is really magnificent!
The only negative point if I may say, it is that you do not supply everything for the make up (especially for tattoos it’s a pity because your make up video is top!)

For my part my prosthesis yours with “Mastix-Kryolan”
And the red paintingit is of the mark FARDEL (Belgian) and I use similar for the black:)
Lenses were commanded at CosplayMat for only 15€!

Asuya Cosplay

Dash Malone

Dash Malone

Send you are some of the pictures from our last shoot.

This time we just used grease paint (clown makeup) on her face to match the lekku headpiece. It was pretty easy to match the headpeice with the white color makeup but next time I will use make up primer for greater ease and baby powder to set. We used some simple makeup products after for her lips and eye makeup.

This was a simple test for a Hula Hoop video that we will release soon.

Next time we apply the make up we will use additional products to create more tones and texture in the skin and probably use fake eyelashes etc…

We love the head peice soo much and we are excited to produce some short action videos with it. We did not use spirit gum, eyelash glue or any product to hold it in place but we may do so in the future.

The production and transit time was very quick for this time of product. The product itself is excellent and far exceeds other prosthesis I have used in the past.
Here is a link to my Youtube channel. There are no Star Wars videos up yet but I will post some soon.

Bettina S.

With Lekkus I am very satisfied .
As a color I’ve chosen KRYOLAN. Unfortunately, this comes from very hard. Since I have to think about another solution .
Adhesive I have no use, because since events took only 2 hours. The Lekkus have maintained wonderful.
If I have a portrait photo, I like to send it to you .
More photos from the event with me you can see on the Facebook page of the Star Wars Dinner Berlin.

Many greetings


Ms Mars

What I ordered: Long Oola lekku with ear-cones

Body paint: For body paint, I used a water-based make-up recommended by my friend, Moe Hunt. Moe is quite experienced with body paint.  She suggested: AQUACOLOR 55 ML 511 by Kryolan  and it was an almost perfect match to the Oola green lekku. The make-up was applied with water and a sponge, made by the same company (Kryolan). It took a little over an hour to apply, with help. Most of the make-up comes off with soap and water. Otherwise, make-up remover helps with tough areas.

For the face make-up, I just used standard make-ups (eye-shadow, eyeliner, etc.) I own. I also decided to use dark-violet colored-contacts. I thought this would be a nice touch and because I didn’t want my eyes to completely match the body paint (my eyes are green).

Lekku fit: The lekku fit my head perfectly. I did not have to make any adjustments. All that I used was a hairnet to keep my hair in place. The lekku are rather comfortable, even after hours of walking around and dancing at Dragon*Con! I highly recommend lekku from Twi’lek Paradise. They are lightweight, yet durable. They are AWESOME!!! 🙂

Photo credits
Lekku by Twi’lek Paradise
Photo credit: Picture by SGH PhotoArt
Facebook for SGH PhotoArt:
Make-up (help from Jarrad Pond) and costume made by Joanie Mars
Facebook for Joanie:
Colored Contacts from PinkyParadise:

Tara Kelly

Makeup: Ben Nye liquid latex makeup. It stays on for a while but it’s difficult to wash off.

Prosthetic glue: Pros aid. It will stay on all day if you use pros aid.
the lekku fit well to your head? It fits snuggly. However, I would like the bottom to go further so that it fully covers my ears and hair line.

I think it’s awesome. After a year of wearing it, it’s still in good condition.

Excellent work! Great seller communication! Time frames for lekku making products were exactly as promised. I will be ordering a new lekku in the new year!


Photographer: HM Cosplay Photography


Elizabeth Henderson

I was very happy with all transactions when ordering the custom lekku and bandana. Everything was well communicated and was finished quicker than the stated time frame. The shipping time was normal for the distance it had to travel. It did not stay at customs too long and I did not have to pay any duty. The only issue was the packaging was ripped by the time it arrived in Canada, but I believe this may be the fault of customs or the post office. Fortunately the lekku inside were not damaged! 
I used MAC liquid foundation makeup to match the color of my face to the nude color lekku. I brought the earcones to the store and the lady there helped me match the color. I had to apply several coats to make sure it blended well to the color of the lekku. The lady at MAC gave me some samples for free that I was able to use for both times that I wore the lekku, so I did not have to pay any money for it!
I used spirit gum (generic halloween brand) to attach the lekku to my forehead because it would slip backwards. I also had to make sure the bandana was very tight to help the lekku stay in place. The lekku and bandana did not slip for the whole time I was at the expo, at least 6 hours. 
I had a wrinkle in the lekku because if I put any more stuffing in, it would slip off my head. I think this may be because my head is more oval shaped and I needed to pull the lekku further down to cover my hair line. It does not completely cover my hairline in the back but I covered it with a scarf, next time I will probably shave the hairline at the back and use more spirit gum on the nape of my neck.
I am very happy with the quality of the lekku and bandana. I am also happy with the service received from Twilek Paradise! They are always willing to help and make suggestions, and respond very quickly to email.

Ms Kelly Mari

I used Ben Nye body paint and sealer. It wasn’t difficult to find the right colour because I brought the ear cones to the makeup store with me and they were able to match the body paint to them.

The lekku fit perfectly on my head and I didn’t have any trouble with them. I used spirit gum to attach them and hold them in place.
I received my lekku within two weeks of you shipping them to me. I was very pleased with them and enjoyed wearing them.
-The photographer is Cloudbreak Cosplay

Harley Q.

I loved my lekku! It was everything I imagined it would be and for to my head perfectly. I didn’t need to use anything to make it stay in place and I received so many compliments.
As far as body paint I have tried several different methods without much success. Finding the right body paint can be difficult and expensive. I have found that airbrushing seems to work the best but the paint on your body can look different once applied to skin. Paint tends to crack and rub off around the armpits and mouth/nose. You definitely want alcohol based and a base coat under the actual color. It can be super shiny if you don’t powder afterwards.
If you are not careful the ears can be difficult to keep in place so I would use something to keep them snug. (Twi’lek Paradise note: actually glue the ear-cones to the Darth Talon head armor)
I will definitely be using twi’lek paradise for my next lekku purchase.

Carolyn Smith

I am more than happy with my lekku, they’re awesome! I would wear them all the time if I didnt have to paint myself purple 🙂
I’m not a makeup artist or professional cosplayer so tend to do outfits that cover a lot of skin to avoid having to use too much paint. I also do the majority of my makeup myself. I use Snazaroo face paint in lilac which doesn’t match the colour as much as I like but is the closest I can find.
(Twi’lek Paradise note: recommend proof with GRIMAS makeup lilac 602)
It looks the right colour in the pot but dries darker and you need to layer it to get an even coverage. This was applied with a sponge by adding water and dabbing onto skin. I used hairspray to try to seal the colour in which works very well on the face and neck but I had to reapply on my arms particularly around my elbows and inside of arms.  I would suggest having help with the makeup too so that you can cover those hard to reach areas such as your neck. It may be a good idea if the lekku were a bit longer on the neck areas too to help with this.
My lekku are a great fit for my head but do need to be glued down as over time they will gradually slide off my head. I use mastix glue which I got from a local costume shop. I didn’t have to cut the lekku or make any adjustments. I use the bandana to keep my lekku in place and wear goggles over the top aswell.
iI live in the UK and they arrived within 2 weeks of being shipped.
I am considering a further order for skin coloured ones or green so that I can cosplay as Hera.

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Could you tell me what makeup used and if had trouble finding the right color, to apply it, all you want to tell me will be well received. You have credits for this if I put in the webpage.
You need to use some kind of prosthetic glue? what brand?
The lekku fit well to your head? if I had to make modifications were easy or complicated?
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