Ideas for your custom twi’lek costume.

You do not know what to wear to show off your lekkus? Let me tell you that anything goes. Corsets, ball gowns, bikinis, gothic, heavy, steampunk, burlesque, hunters, gunslingers, officials, troops of the empire, etc.

But sometimes you want to paint a lot of skin and would be impressive.
Here I leave some thoughts.

  • Choose a color that is easy to find some opaque tights but not too thick. Wear a skirt or pants and socks do the rest.
  • Use long gloves, and something whose sleeves are tight and not too short. Make up the space between the gloves and sleeves.
  • If you’re going to teach neckline, ensures that the clothing is of a dark color, draped over (visually) makeup stains if any.
  • To not paint your nape or neck, you can use a balaclava, also to help the lekku not move.