NEVER high heels if you want the legion501st approval.
Darth Talon boots are low heels (1 – 2 cm) or NO heels (flat boots).
It’s hard (very hard) to find LONG boots with flat heel. Cutting off the heel is not good idea, the tip of the shoe will move away from ground.

Even if you find high boots above the knee with flat heels, Talon boots reaching above the thigh. Test wear them and make sure they are above the thigh (about 10-15 cm from your crotch).

If they are not high enough you can lengthen sew then a like material, leather or leatherette.

Another valid option is use cutted leggings. Extends over the boots a cut leggings made of stretch fabric. Set stretch bands in the thigh.
Sure can not notice the cuts between boots and leggings.



For the gloves you can use leather (or leatherette) or fabric gloves. VERY LONG and black.
LONG! over top of your bicep.
I search in ebay “real leather black long gloves”,
and I found “opera gloves”
25.6″ / 65 cm are good but is best select a custom size.

Palm size
Long of the gloves, from the tip of the finger to the top of the bicep
Perimeter of the thicker (in bicep) part of your arm
Perimeter of your middle finger
Perimeter of your little finger
Perimeter of your thumb

No fingerless
No buttons
No laces
No Wetlook “fetish”
Plain style is important

What about faux leather?
I have not tried it but I guess that no perspire like real leather.

Lined inside or not?
Currently I can not comment on either, since I can not compare.
Mine are lined inside.