I recommend use:

        • laquered aluminium or
        • sintra (PVC foam) or
        • ABS plastic or
        • another plastic or
        • fiberglass
        • Something rigid

The back straps can make of elastic bands
or the same material of the armor (in this option use velcro to attach it to the armor and gloves or boots).


Shape of the armor pieces

The piece of real armor has tile shape.
It is not straight like a rectangle.
Make tile shape before cut and bend

Only the biceps armor has rectangle shape

Measure well to where it needs to get the piece of armor on the sides of your limbs. The top always greater than the one below.

Some tips

This is very important, we leave it as something to go to the end,

and we forget or we have to ruin an armor we cared to make it spotless and perfect, because we forget that we want an old and worn armor of a warrior.
Paint rusty areas or pass it over the asphalt to aging it.

The colour of the armor is dark “gunmetal” gray.
Black over black no see anything.

Atrezzo (faux) snaps
You can use tacks.
Cut the end with pliers.
Use STRONG adhesive contact to glue it.

Hand strap
Encircle the palm of the hand.
No snaps here

Three or four snaps?
In forearm and shin can use 3 or 4 snaps version (and straps).
I recommend if you have long arms and legs, use 4 snaps version.
If you no have long arms and legs, use 3 snaps version.

But in last place this is your choice 😉

Some photos of my armor

Colour varies a lot with the light