• Contact adhesive glue
        • Cutter – Rule – Velcro – Scissors
        • Needle – Thread – Tape measure – Thimble
        • Black soft leather
        • Black Strapless Bra
        • Adhesive “siliconed· “SecretBra2” from Women Secret or another similar
        • Black paint (acrilyc, fabric paint)
        • Pyrographer

How to make the backstrap

  1. Create the backstrap (I call “rear trim”) with a black strip of cloth or soft leather. Superimposed over another strip of the same black leather by the other side ( to create contrast but remain black all ) with a squares or rectangles punched in this strip. You can put between black foamy for volumizing.
  2. Put some cinches/girths/webbing on the “rear trim” to put the bra bands into before closure to maintain the trim in place. Sewing it (glueing is insufficent).
    If you do not put straps, the “back strap” tend to become loose and fall revealing the back strip of the black strapless bra
  3. Glue velcro in one side

How to make bra body

  1. Glue the black strapless bra to the “only cups” siliconed inside bra.
  2. Line it with slim leather (you may need a bit of work to get this).
  3. Cut the excess if necesary and paint (I can’t buy Secret Bra in dark color) with black paint where necesary.
  4. Attach the “rear trim – back strap” to the bra side with contact glue.
  5. Put velcro in the bra in the other side.
  6. Pyrography 3 lines to create 4 zones (a grave mistake in Darth Talon bikini is to make two lines and obtain 3 zones, remember that bra have 4 visual straps)

To wear it, puts one of the strips in the “back strap” cinches and group it on one side.
Close the black bra with the square brackets.
Carefully  move the straps to deploy the “back strap” to be able to close the velcro on the other side of the BRA

Say “cheeeeese” for photos and upload to FSE for user comments. Tip: If you’re embarrassed you can cut your head with the edge of the photo or put a “smilie image” above.