The belt piece is easier.
There is no trick, just cut out the shape and your needs and give you a little curve to fit the body.
Paste the fake rivets, scratches and age it.

No hot your head: use velcro, reinforced with glue.
It’s easy, comfortable and discreet (no snaps heads).

Paste the leather strips with Velcro to avoid that if someone stepped your strip no tear whole belt.

Rear leather strips give you “comfort” (cover something your ass) and symmetry.

Materials that I recommend:

  • Real leather for belt and straps (First I made with faux leather and really noticed the difference, the look was of very poor quality).
  • For the armor pieces go to Armor section
  • Good velcro (example: 3M or TESA velcro)
  • Very strong glue (to reinforce the Velcro (adhesive velcro eventually melt with body heat and make a mess))


To “burn” the lines on the leather, moisturize and use a screwdriver or something flat blade and “burn” the lines.

Bikini Bottom

Bikini bottom is a simple black panty in cotton or lycra. Is the most simple way to obtain bikini bottom.

You can use a black swimsuit bikini bottom.

Plain style, no laces or trimmings. No strings.

The valid styles are (this is my point of view, always go to reference images and compare with your photos):

  • High-cut briefs
  • Bikini