The Paradise of Twi’leks and togrutas. A site for costumers and lovers of Twi’leks and other sci-fi aliens with tentacles.
Make Latex Lekku and Props on request.

Young and teen togruta headpiece for Ahsoka Tano Clone Wars. Adult Ahsoka Tano REBELS latex headpiece.
Ahsoka Tano from season 7 headpiece

Adult togruta Shaak Ti style
Mipha from ZELDA headpiece. Shaak Ti headpiece.
Some fans asked for togrutas, and I brought to reality… I hope you like. Thank you

Help ideas, image galleries and tips for men and women’s costumers (cosplayers) of twi’lek.
Latex lekku, leather headwraps etc. ON REQUEST. Props comissions accepted

A bit of history

Hello, my name is Eva. In 2011 decided to be a legion501st Darth Talon approved.
Had insufficient data and references, any lekku was valid.
After much effort, testing and chills (by the cold during the bodypaint), I got it!!

Opened the website in March 2012 and still growing.

The girls in my photoshoot are friends and family. We enjoyed a lot doing these photoshoots!!

This is the resistance of Twi’lek Paradise lekkus, do no accept cheap imitations

Why am I doing this?

To share my experiences (Tutorials) being twi’lek and with them help others who get it.

Because we are not all professional makeup or artists

Pre-order Questions?

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Talk to our customers (Feedback)… because they do not try to sell anything.


We welcome any and all suggestions, contact us and we will consider it for a future update. Found the Contact and Order form inside F.A.Q.